Monday, 29 February 2016

Polymer Thickness

There exist many forms of optical solutions that illustrate the thickness of a thin film and thick coating thickness. 

MProbe system is successfully used for measurement of a wide variety of polymer films. Depending on application requirements different configuration can be selected:
1. MProbe Vis system (wavelength 400-1000nm) is used for measurement of the polymer films from 15nm to 20µm.  For films <500nm, typically, only thickness can be measured. For thicker films both thickness and refractive index can be measured.
2. MProbe UVVis (wavelength 200-1000nm) can be used when information about polymer properties is important. Most of polymers have absorptions edge in the UV, so n,k can be measured along with the thickness. Also very thin polymer films (monolayer) can be measured.
3. MProbeVisHR or NIR is used for measurement of thick polymer films >20μm  or  films than are not clear (colored) or have scattering.

They are collectively helpful in learning the surface and interface behavior of a thin-film. A film's optical properties like ratio that's denoted by letter N and extinction constant i.e. K will even be explained by this result. The concentrations of an alloy and its consistency are determined with the help of solutions provided. For people who are looking for film gauge thickness measure equipments and need to measure thin-film, they'll choose these devices for this purpose. Such devices allow to record film thickness in up to 5 layers thick filmstack. The tools are  easy to use  as a  Windows based package. 
Coating thickness or film thickness analysis is a vital method in endeavor the standard testing method of a product or substrate material. It plays a significant importance in analyzing the standard of the merchandise as a result of coating thickness affects the finished quality of a product. Activity coating thickness isn't that simple and thence the standard analysts use many advanced tools and instrumentality to investigate the thickness. The foremost well-liked and wide used device is coating thickness gauge. This can be the perfect device that measures the precise thickness furthermore as helps in maintaining the correct quality.

There are various makers and sellers who are providing these gauges and instruments through that you'll be able to analyze the precise coating thickness. Finding the most effective and authentic company is troublesome however not possible.
If you are  searching for the best instruments to measure the thickness of polymer or different instruments that are ideal for thickness measurement, then realize the most effective company SemiconSoft Inc.

SemiconSoft, Inc is that the premier supply of thin-film thickness measurement instruments.MProbe(Thin-film system) is a brand of SemiconSoft,Inc . We offer thin film measurement systems, optical chemical analysis tools and information analysis software system. Our techniques are Non-destructive techniques so can be engineered to cope with coatings, linings. in order to measure 0.1 mm and less we use standard timing techniques so that we can maintain Good accuracy.Our devices are easy-to-use, low-cost, and backed with unrivaled support. You can get more details about instruments and our services on main website
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